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Wed Sep 6 23:33:16 GMT 2006

Hi There,

Further to our "Important News" email about a week ago, we are happy to
announce that the web site everyone has been patiently is waiting for is 
open !!

The all-important address to save to your 'Favourites' is

Following our initial email, we received a good number of enquires from 
members and serious investors who showed real concern about their
chance to join TURF PROFIT MAKER being missed completely, due to only 
250 places being available and because of their planned holidays, etc.

If you didn't receive that e-mail here's a reminder of what TURF PROFIT 
MAKER is all about.

Many members will recall that we recently contemplated releasing a
consistent profit-making idea and we certainly received a great deal of
feedback about it.

After serious consideration of all the replies, and a great deal more
thought on whether it should actually be released or not, we have finally
decided to give TURF PROFIT MAKER the green light.

Take a look now at the profits for the last two years:

2004, Returns £10440.87, Stakes £5109.70, Profit £5331.17, POI% 104%, ROI%
2005, Returns £10923.95, Stakes £5403.90, Profit £5520.05, POI% 102%, ROI%

And before you ask, yes 2006 to date is going exactly the same way:

2006, Returns £7557.70, Stakes £3728.40, Profit £3829.30, POI% 103%, ROI%
203%, Avg Stake £4.93

You may initially consider the cost of TURF PROFIT MAKER to be expensive
(see below), but what makes this the ultimate "profit maker", is:

  1.. The profits quoted above have been achieved using average stakes of
only £5!
  2.. You should realistically recover the purchase cost of TURF PROFIT
MAKER in 12 months (see above results).
  3.. You need absolutely no knowledge of horseracing to profit from TURF
PROFIT MAKER (you only need to know how to place your bets and how to
collect your winnings!).
  4.. You WON'T BE backing another ODDS-ON shot EVER AGAIN.
  5.. We are giving a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (further details below).
  6.. You can use TURF PROFIT MAKER for life after the guarantee period is
over and continue making profits for years to come (our Help documentation
will advise on this) - no additional fees are required.

Think about all of that for a moment. We suggest that you read it once 
before moving on.

To protect the interests of all parties, TURF PROFIT MAKER will be released
strictly as follows:

  1.. It will be sold to 250 people only.
  2.. We are so confident that everyone will make a profit, we are giving a
100% CAST IRON MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that anyone who does not make a profit
strictly following our advice for 12 months will receive a FULL REFUND.
  3.. We will provide the software and the necessary selections for the 12
month guarantee period so that there is no ambiguity whatsoever (you
therefore can't make a mistake).
  4.. All results during the 12 month guarantee period will be checked and
verified by a chartered accountant.
  5.. You agree not to share the software or selections with a third party.
We will bring the full weight of the legal system down on anyone who
violates these conditions.
  6.. First come, first served - TURF PROFIT MAKER will only be released
after we have reached our target of 250 orders. If demand for TURF PROFIT
MAKER proved to be limited, then we will cancel the launch and refund all
monies - including interest. Feedback strongly suggests there is a great
demand for TURF PROFIT MAKER and places are selling as we speak !!
  7.. The price will be £4,500 plus VAT. When you look at the potential
profits that can be made, from small average stakes, and all backed by a
cast iron guarantee, we fully expect demand for TURF PROFIT MAKER to exceed
the limited places available.

The TURF PROFIT MAKER web site contains masses of information, including:

Last Ten Winners
Current month to date profit
Profit details month by month for the last 12 months
Profit details year by year from 2004 to date
Ordering details

The web site is updated daily shows the number of places remaining, the 
latest results,
etc., etc. We will continue to update the site after launching TURF PROFIT 
for the duration of the 12 month guarantee.

Please note that we will not enter into any correspondence about TURF 
MAKER - all the essential information explaining this fantastic opportunity
is NOW AVAILABLE on our web site.

Thank you for your time.


Where making a profit is guaranteed

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