File Locking under Windows - a solution ?

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> > Does anyone know of a way this locking can be overridden ? - is it
> > possible to 'force' updates ? it is important that all live servers
> > have identical filesystems.
> I doubt it.
> Windows Filing system doesn't work that way.

Thought as much. We are planning to move to Linux across the board, but
these things take time...

> You can buy open file managers. But these are designed to allow a file
> that is opened by another application to be copied not replaced.
> Are you talking html/bitmap files or data base files?

Mostly .html and images, with
No database files.

> Are you using IIS? IIS does have a cache control on pages IIRC. You
> switching that on?

I'm using Tomcat on W2K

> I'm an Apache user myself, can't say I've ever had a problem with open
> files.
> What you can do is have a script that monitors open files.
> I use the program psFile by sysinternals to return a list of open
> So when an opened file is found and then closed by the web server the
> script could swap the old file with the updated one.
> Not to difficult to write in the usual scripting manner.

Sounds interesting. I'll look into the sysinternals app.
Can you provide any pointers to example scripts of the kind you mention

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