DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4079] rsync fails with --inplace, --link-dest and --no-whole-file

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Mon Sep 4 16:21:16 GMT 2006

------- Comment #3 from paul at  2006-09-04 11:21 MST -------
Hardlinking and then modifying the existing file in the --link-dest directory
is absolutely the wrong thing to do IMNSHO, this will break many "incremental"
backup strategies such as dirvish. (Dirvish at this time does not use
although I was just testing that out over the last couple of days... I guess I
can throw those backups away now :-( )

The manpage says:

     --link-dest=DIR         hardlink to files in DIR when unchanged

However, in these cases, the file _is_ changed, so hardlinking is the wrong
thing to do.

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