One-way sync of a sub set of data

Neel Banerjee mr.neel at
Tue Oct 31 19:33:50 GMT 2006


I have an interesting issue that I can't seem to solve. I would like to send
data from a source to a destination drive, but I only want to send certain
directories from the source to the destination. As an example my directory
structure on the source side looks something like this:


there are multiple proj<n>/<alpha>/id<n> directories

I just want to send /dir1/proj<n>/<alpha>/id<n>/docs/released to the
destination, and I want the destination to maintain the source path
structure. I used wild cards to send the data e.g.
/dir1/*/*/*/docs/released, but the --delete command didn't seem to clean out
the destination side when the source side was empty.

My unix admin said that it would be very risky to do this, and that using an
exclude/include statement is still risky. Is it risky? What would be the
best way to implement such a sync using rsync?

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