Yakov Hrebtov jake at
Mon Oct 30 05:00:15 GMT 2006

Wayne Davison wrote:
> I'm just
> guessing at ideas here, since I can't get it to fail, this is the kind
> of detective work you'll need to do to figure out what is causing the
> problem.

The cause of problem was the chrooted server. When I switched off chrooting, 
the problem disappear.

I've done strace on my test program. Trace shows that some files in 
/usr/lib/gconv/ must be opened by iconv_open (at least on my Fedora Core 5 and 
ALT linux systems). Of course, these files are not accessible in chroot jail.
Hence "use chroot = 1" option is not compatible with --iconv switch.

Wayne, may be you should mention this issue in docs (considering, that 
chrooting daemon is default behavior)? Iconv.diff is the only place for this 
moment to do this.

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