Yakov Hrebtov jake at
Sun Oct 29 11:27:39 GMT 2006

Yakov Hrebtov wrote:
> One more note here.
> If CP1251 side is sending as client (UTF-8 is on server/receiver), then 
> there are no errors.
> $ rsync -av --iconv=CP1251,UTF-8 /var/data/tmp/ \ 
> rsync at
> This command successfuly transfers files and converts filenames.

It seems, server side cannot do any conversions...
As I understand, sender side converts filenames to UTF-8 from source charset,
and receiver side converts from UTF-8 (transport charset) to destination charset.
If charset on server side (no matter receiving or sending) differs from UTF-8
(so conversion to/from UTF-8 must be done), then it always failed to iconv_open
(for unknown reason).

The same iconv_open succseeded, if the same conversion must be done in

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