Rsync 2.6.9pre3 released

Paul Slootman paul at
Fri Oct 27 13:38:58 GMT 2006

On Thu 26 Oct 2006, Wayne Davison wrote:

> I've just released rsync 2.6.9pre3.  This should be the last version
> before the final 2.6.9 release, and I don't foresee any significant
> changes between it and the final release.
> Please test this out and email the rsync mailing list with any
> questions, comments, bug reports, etc.  Thanks!

I noted that the bug reported in wasn't listed as being
fixed in NEWS, although the patch seems to be applied. This one bit me
pretty badly, so IMHO it's worth mentioning.

The manpage now escapes dashes, which basically is good; however,
I think a double dash as used in text -- such as this -- shouldn't be
escaped. The escaping means it stays a real ASCII minus sign, whereas a
double dash is a typographic thing. That should be easily fixable in
tweak_manpage_dashes by removing the s/ -- / \\-\\- /g; line.

I've now applied the acl patch to the Debian version (or is that a bad
idea, and should I for the time being offer a separate package named
something like "rsync-acl" ?).  I saw a warning:

lib/sysacls.c: In function 'sys_acl_get_perm':
lib/sysacls.c:148: warning: implicit declaration of function 'acl_get_perm'

I needed to #include <acl/libacl.h> to get around that; I added it to
the lib/sysacls.h file. However, it probably needs to be checked for by

I also see that the remaining "behaviour" in the manpage has been
demoted :-P to the US spelling of "behavior". There are still 6 other
instances of "behaviour" in the sources :)

I have just uploaded rsync_2.6.9~pre3-1 to Debian's experimental
archive; it may take a day or so before it's available to everyone.

Paul Slootman

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