resolving difference in interface between rsync and cp/rcp/scp

Erick Tryzelaar erickt at
Fri Oct 27 03:32:40 GMT 2006

I've run into a situation where we'd like to replace rcp with rsync, but 
we've run into a difference in interface, which is causing us problems. 
Here's the problem. If we run this in rsync:

 > mkdir tmpdir; cd tmpdir
 > mkdir a; touch a/b
 > rsync -r a b/
 > ls b

But for all the other programs, we get something different:

 > cp -r a c/
 > ls c
 > cp -r a d/
 > ls d
 > cp -r a e/
 > ls e

Is there a flag for rsync that I'm missing that supports this behavior? 
I was unable to find one.


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