Log file help needed

David Cuthill david.cuthill at oysterware.com
Thu Oct 26 16:05:53 GMT 2006


We've got a current rsync deployment that's just gone live and will 
eventually have over 200 clients. The server is running on Windows 
Server 2003 (no choice :( ) with the cygwin libs and the clients are all 
Linux - all is well so far. Two questions regarding log files:

1) We need more detailed log files to check which files have been 
successfully transferred to which clients which seems possible from the 
man pages. In our test environment rsyncd.conf we've tried:

     log format = %a %n %b
     log file = C:/rsync/rsyncd.log

but this doesn't seem to make any difference and the logs still look 
like the default:

2006/10/25 15:15:15 [1428] sent 342 bytes  received 193 bytes  total 
size 128434440

Any ideas?

2) All machines are in a pure IP based network with no domain and the 
logs are full of lines like:

2006/10/25 15:15:15 [1428] rsync on outbox from root at unknown (

Any way of suppressing this extra noise?


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