Rsync Problems

Philip W. likelink at
Sat Oct 21 18:57:29 GMT 2006

I have gotten an Rsync daemon set up on my Linux server.  But I want to 
use my Windows XP computer to upload files to an Rsync module on the 
server.  The problem is, Rsync won't work on my Windows computer.  I 
have tried compiling various versions of Rsync in Cygwin, and nothing 
works.  It's not a firewall problem, because I have disabled my firewall 
and tried to Rsync, and it still won't work.  Even the Rsync client from 
the Cygwin installer program won't work.  The only client I found that 
works is the 2.5.5 client that comes with WINRsync 
( and I assume that that is "fixed".  So, I 
was wondering, can anyone help me solve my problem?  Other people have 
gotten Rsync working in Cygwin....

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