Rsync basic question

Michael Homscheidt Michael.Homscheidt at
Fri Oct 20 16:18:47 GMT 2006


I'm new to rsync and have a basic question for rsync: I want to  
synchronize some data between two clients. Therefore I have  
configured a module on a server.  For test purposes I'm trying to  
sent data to the module and get the data back to the same client. The  
problem is the following:

- The directory I want to sync is /Applications/Scripts.
- If I sent it to the module on the server the directory / 
Applications/Scripts is created there.
- If I get the data back from the module the directory /Applications/ 
Scripts/Applications/Scripts is created.
- The commands I'm using is (client to server) rsync --relative -- 
recursive  --archive --compress --stats --perms --times $DIRECTORY  
   and (server to client) rsync --relative --recursive  --archive -- 
compress --stats --perms --times $MODULE  $DIRECTORY
    where $ DIRECTORY is /Applications/Skripte an $MODULE is the  
configured module

Could anyone please tell me what's wrong?


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