skipping growing files?

John P. Speno jpspeno at
Fri Oct 20 14:26:34 GMT 2006

Is there a way to instruct rsync to ignore a file that is currently  
growing in size? For example, a file is currently being uploaded to  
the source machine while another client is using rsync to pull down  
files. Can rsync detect and skip said file instead of copying  
whatever is there already?

I suppose a -mtime like feature would also solve this problem for me  
in that the client could specify a mtime option to force rsync to  
ignore files that were changed within the last minute or so. And I  
suppose one could also solve this using  the find command on the  
soruce machine and --files-from in the client rsync.

(And yes, there's probably a non rsync, even non technical solution  
to my real problem, but I'm still thinking on it.)


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