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> 2006/10/20, Nico Schottelius <nico-rsync at>:
> > Just wanted to tell you that there's a simple and somehow smart
> > backup solution using rsync named ccollect [0].
> And the difference to rsnapshot is?

Rsnapshot some restrictions compared to ccollect:

The configuration parameters have to be TAB seperated (using standard
whitespaces breaks).

Rsnapshot does not support per source exclude lists (this is a real
issue for bigger backup scenarios, as we use it here with > 30

Additionally rsync does not support per source pre or post execution
of programs (for mounting, dumping databases, ...).

For large scale backup solution you need parallel execution, which
ccollect is capable of, but rsnapshot not.

And the last thing, only a cosmetic issue, is that I didn't like the
configuration style at all, so I used the cconfig style (as said
in my last mail).

I didn't look into rsnapshot code for a long time, but the last
time they used 'cp -al' for cloning, if gnu cp was available.
This is not necessary because of rsync's --link-dest parameter.

Oh, one thing I forgot, rsnapshot has to remove ALL already existing
backups each time it backups, because $name.0 is the latest one.

ccollect uses timestamps for identification, so no moving is ever needed.

Too understand the history of ccollect a bit better, a part of the
README of ccollect says:

   'ccollect was inspired by rsnapshot [1], which has some problems:'

(from [0]).



P.S.: Most of the points are also documented on the web at [0].


``...if there's one thing about Linux users, they're do-ers, not whiners.''
(A quotation of Andy Patrizio I completely agree with)
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