tcl/tk rsync wrapper planned

pobox at pobox at
Tue Oct 17 15:42:19 GMT 2006

> Any chance you'd be willing to consider doing it in Java? There's already 
> at least one, now unmaintained, Java class wrapper to rsync that I know of 
> (not to be confused with the Java implementation of rsync, also currently 
> unmaintained). You'd be able to pick up where they left off. I would 
> consider helping on a project like that.
> ..Chuck..

I spent some time on the Java and Tcl IRC channels today and both agree 
that Tcl/Tk is better (lighter, faster) for this specific purpose.

But the main goal is to have the tool and not to do it in a specific 
language (as long as the language serves the purpose) - so if there is 
more collaboration around the Java idea - sure!

I think the challenges in front of the project are not that much the 
language of the GUI, as the subtle issues of protocols and security.

That's why we would like to do it in a team.


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