tcl/tk rsync wrapper planned

pobox at pobox at
Tue Oct 17 12:08:09 GMT 2006


we did some research and we would like to try to write a Tcl/Tk wrapper 
around rsync.

Tcl/Tk -

- is easy to write
- has nice GUI library
- is cross platform
- has several installers

Would somebody be interested to participate?

Our goal is -

To have a small Windows XP and OS X backup applications that allow the 
user to select a folder which is sent to a remote server.

Incremental difference is kept (or other, optional).

A file browser allows the user to see the backup and restore 
everything/selected files.

We have not researched enough into the security yet. We hope Tcl/Tk will 
support some form of encrypted connection (i.e. rsync over ssh for 
backup and ssh for the file browser). The security of the stored data is 
not clear yet (if it is encrypted, it can't be rsync-ed, etc.).

Our idea is to make a small package which allows reliable remote backup 
services to be built.


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