cross-platform with GUI in a package

Michael Carmody mjcar at
Tue Oct 17 07:53:35 GMT 2006

We are currently trying to implement the same thing here.

We are currently using RsyncX and nasbackup for Mac and windows respectively 
and trying to write nice user documentation.

-Michael Carmody

On Tuesday 17 October 2006 10:25, pobox at wrote:
> Hello,
> has somebody done a cross platform (Windows XP, OS X) GUI wrapper around
> rsync so that end-users can backup selected files/folders on a remote
> server by point-and-click?
> I am aware that on Windows XP it is possible with the help of the cygwin
> binary - but I am not sure about the GUI - I had a look at PHP-GTK,
> tcl/tk and Java (it should be a scripting language). On OS X do not
> know. A one file installer would be good as well.
> Thanks,
> Iv

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