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Sun Oct 15 00:01:01 GMT 2006

------- Comment #11 from hashproduct+rsync at  2006-10-14 19:01 MST -------
Andreas, you have a point about the special nature of the "file has vanished"
message.  The message seems to be an artifact of rsync's implementation that
isn't meaningful at the level of rsync's purpose.  I now believe the sender
should treat a vanished file V as if it never existed in the first place.  That

(1) If V was a command-line argument or --files-from entry, the sender should
issue the same error it would have issued if V did not exist during file-list

(2) If the generator has itemized the transfer, the sender needs to print an
informational message stating that the transfer didn't actually happen so that
programs reading the output know to forget about it.  This message is neither
an error nor a warning.

(3) If --delete is on and V exists in the destination, the generator needs to
consider deleting it.  To this end, the sender uses a protocol extension to
tell the receiver that V vanished.  The receiver passes the news to the
generator, which removes V from its file list.  If the generator has already
deleted in V's containing directory, it deletes V immediately modulo protect
filters.  If the receiving side is not modern enough to support this process,
the sender prints a warning to that effect and sets IOERR_VANISHED.

To a sender containing my proposed changes, a vanishing is no longer cause for
a warning or an exit code unless the receiving side is old and #3 applies.  And
I anticipate that #3 will rarely happen because most source files that vanish
are short-lived temporary files that haven't existed for long enough to be
copied to the destination by a previous rsync run.

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