How to use "Rsyncrypto" along with Rsync to backup files/folders?

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Fri Oct 13 16:04:54 GMT 2006

Hi Shachar Shemesh,

Please I need your help!

I am using Rsync to backup my files/folders. I am running Rsync on a Windows OS with Cygwin.

Now, I want to Encrypt the files during backup. I can understand that "Rsyncrypto" can solve my purpose. But the big question is I am not understanding how to use "Rsyncrypto" along with Rsync on Window.

I hope you will resolve my following queries:

1. How to setup "Rsyncrypto" to encrypt/decrypt the files under windows.

2. How much time "Rsyncrypto" will consume to Encrypt/Decrypt for a file of size 4GB

3. If I encrypt a file using "Rsyncrypto", during file backup using Rsync, whether Rsync can perform the incremental backup of the same file during next transfer.

4. Is there any difference in transfer performance with regular file (file without encryption) and encrypted file (file encrypted using "Rsyncrypto") transfer using Rsync.

I will be really grateful to you in case if you clear my all the above doubts.

Thank you in advance!

Thanks & Regards

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