DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4163] Checksum Error using "ssh key authentication"

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Thu Oct 12 20:22:29 GMT 2006

------- Comment #4 from hashproduct+rsync at  2006-10-12 15:22 MST -------
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> Is it possible that the "rsync" provide a special option, which will allow the
> other options to be transferred like the data form the client to the server ?

Yes, a single-use rsync daemon invoked over SSH does just this.  To set one up,
create an rsyncd.conf in the home directory of the account accessed over SSH,
and force the command "rsync --daemon --server ." in the authorized_keys file. 
If you want to put rsyncd.conf in a different directory X, then force the
command "cd X && rsync --daemon --server .".  Then you can access the daemon
like this:

rsync -e "ssh -l sshuser" daemonuser at remote::module/path .

The "refuse options" setting in rsyncd.conf gives you lots of control over what
options the daemon allows.  Thus, forcing an appropriately configured
single-use rsync daemon is almost always better than forcing a particular
server command.

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