DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4163] Checksum Error using "ssh key authentication"

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------- Comment #3 from cwlin at  2006-10-12 04:53 MST -------
I think I know why it fails with ssh automatic key authentication.

I used the command option in the file "authorized_keys".
When it is set, sshd will ignore the the command supplied by the user (rsync,
in this case).
Instead, sshd will take the command specified in the "authorized_keys" file.
Therefore, the option used by the server-side rsync is not the same as the
client -side one expects, which causes the checksum error.

The option "-vv" of "rsync" reveals the command sent to the server.

Is it possible that the "rsync" provide a special option, which will allow the
other options to be transferred like the data form the client to the server ?
In this way, the server-side rsync will not be mistaken by sshd.

Or some precautious statements in the document are enough ?

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