files not being updated even with -c after being uploaded to a samba share

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I think I understand the issue here.  Basically when you use windows to 
upload a file to a samba share the entire size of the final file is 
"reserved" and filled with 0s.  When rsync runs the file is synced out in 
its present incomplete state.  However, the problem I have is that running 
rsync even after the file is completely uploaded with the -c (checksum) 
flag is failing to update the file.  Has anyone seen a similar issue with 
the checksum flag?

I am aware that I can use the -I flag to basically force the rsync, but 
wouldn't this cause rsync to copy over everything in the directory whether 
it actually needs to be updated or not?

Thanks in advance.

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I have run into an issue with rsync that I’m hoping someone can help with. 
 We are using rsync to mirror data between a samba share on an internal 
staging server and our production ftp servers.  The rsync runs from cron 
every 15 minutes.  Occasionally, the rsync will run while somebody is 
uploading a large file to the samba share (for instance an iso image). The 
file appears to make it out to the production ftp servers, and an ls shows 
it to have the correct file size and timestamp.  However, an md5sum of the 
file shows that it is different from the file on the staging server. 
Subsequent runs of the rsync do not update the file.  I have tried to run 
the rsync manually with the –c flag even though we wouldn’t really want to 
implement that because of how long it makes rysnc take.  Even with 
checksum turned on, the file still did not get correctly updated.  If the 
file is completely uploaded to the share before the rsync runs there does 
not appear to be an issue.

Originally I thought that there may be a problem with different versions 
of rsync on the servers.   The staging server was running rsync 2.5.5 
while the production servers were running 2.5.7.  I have gotten rsync 
2.6.8 on both servers and am still experiencing the problem. 

More information about the servers

Staging server – Solaris 8, rsync 2.6.8
Ftp1 – Redhat AS 2.1, rsync 2.6.8 
Ftp2 – Redhat AS 2.1, rsync 2.6.8

Has anybody else seen this problem or have any ideas? 


Mark Osborne
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