Individual User Auth without SSH or stand alone passwd file...

Michael Carmody mjcar at
Tue Oct 10 03:17:42 GMT 2006

Hey All,

We have our linux server integrated with our WindowsAD via nss_ldap and 
pam_ldap and everything is working fine. We are hoping to use rsync to backup 
user specified directories to the network drives.

Now rsync only seems to use auth when using SSH, or when using a static passwd 
file. Is there a patch or option to allow rsync to user system passwd's ? 

I posted earlier about a [homes] directive to create a module per user, but it 
seems I would have to create an entry in the rsyncd.conf file for all 200+ 

Is rsync just not up to handling this scale of project manageably ?

Anyone have any other ideas ?

-Michael Carmody
Department of Microbiology and Immunology
The University of Melbourne

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