DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4157] Add RCS keyword $Header$ to all files to support development

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Tue Oct 10 00:38:57 GMT 2006

------- Comment #1 from 14709c93 at  2006-10-09 19:38 MST -------
Just checked, all the files in HEAD are free from conflict
with $Header$/$Id$ except for 9 files under zlib which
are expansion blocked with cvs admin -ko/-kb in the rcs file.
11 more zlib files are blocked but there is no corresponding
keyword in the HEAD file to block. ie: inffixed.h. So the block
could be removed where not in conflct with the current or
imported zlib. With imported sources, it can also be useful to
not admin block expansion in RCS instead, preserve and disable
by remove the $'s in the Header/Id line before import, then add
the local $Header$/$Id$ which will expand as usual. Using
export -kv will do this if the RCS of the import is available.

Ref: cvs(1), co(1), ident(1).

Note also the use of /usr/bin/ident against files having
been compiled with this or similar code:
 static char *id="$Id$";

The ident syntax is also free except for the trival case of:
./patches/acls.diff:+           char            *id     = "";


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