-i inhibits --progress

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Fri Oct 6 11:29:10 GMT 2006

When doing the following:

rsync -aHn --progress --checksum --numeric-ids sourcehost targethost::backup

it show "Building file list..." and you see the file count progressing.

However, when adding the -i option to see why it would transfer a couple
of files, like this:

rsync -aHn -i --progress --checksum --numeric-ids sourcehost targethost::backup

the "Building file list..." message and the file count aren't shown.
This seems a little strange to me...

This is with 2.6.8.

(I've noticed data corruption when using linux 2.6.18 on SMP Opteron
systems, Tyan S2891 motherboards... with 2.6.17.x it seems fine...
This is the reason for the --checksum runs.)

Paul Slootman

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