Superfluous error msgs: "failed to set times ..."

Felix E. Klee felix.klee at
Wed Nov 22 08:07:10 GMT 2006

At Mon, 20 Nov 2006 08:05:26 -0800,
Wayne Davison wrote:
> > /tmp/rsync-2.6.9/syscall.c:143: warning: warning: lchmod is not implemented and will always fail
> > /tmp/rsync-2.6.9/util.c:149: warning: warning: lutimes is not implemented and will always fail
> Since these functions don't work, comment-out the defines in config.h
> that say you have them. 

I see - this works!

> It would also be nice if configure figured this out for itself, so if
> you have any suggestions for how to improve the tests, let me know..

Probably one could tell configure to do a check (by compiling and
linking some basic code) that controls whether the warnings I mentioned
do appear.  Sorry that I cannot provide anything more specific - I'm low
on time and I've close to no experience with writing Autoconf code.

Felix E. Klee

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