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Thu Nov 16 08:51:03 GMT 2006

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> From: Wayne Davison
> Subject: Re: rsync error: error starting client-server protocol
> On Mon, Oct 30, 2006 at 12:02:02PM +0100, you wrote:
> > I get now the error you can read in the subject. Any hint to get it 
> > run again would be fine.
> Please be more explicit in the command that you're running 
> and any error messages that rsync outputs prior to the one 
> you cited.  Are you using the right port number and hostname 
> to access the tunnel?
> ..wayne..

I have installed
2.) installed a tunnel via ssh from the remote machine to my pc
ssh fjb at -N -R

3.) I could run rsync from the remote machine to make bakups
The command to run the backup and the error messages is

/usr/local/bin/rsync -v -v -avz rsync://backup@localhost:9999/home/bin
opening tcp connection to localhost port 9999
opening connection using --server --sender -vvvlogDtprz . home/bin
@ERROR: access denied to home from localhost (
rsync error: error starting client-server protocol (code 5) at
_exit_cleanup(code=5, file=main.c, line=1171): about to call exit(5)

When I start the following rsync command on my local pc everything is ok
/bin/rsync -v -avz rsync://backup@

On the remote machine and on my pc I have rsync version 2.6.6 protocol
version 29.

The network admins decided to make 2.) inpossible. So I build the ssh
tunnel from the pc to the remote machine. But the backup does not longer

If there is not enough info in that mail please ask

Thanks for any help


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