PRNG is not seeded

Jim Taylor taylorj at
Tue Nov 14 18:29:41 GMT 2006

I had this problem here on some of our servers after an o/s upgrade, and 
found that the /dev/urandom file had changed permissions from 644 to 600.

 ls -l /dev/urandom
crw-------   1 root     system       33,  1 Jul 21 10:49 /dev/urandom

I simply changed the permissions

chmod go+r /dev/urandom

and everything worked fine. 

 ls -l /dev/urandom
crw-r--r--   1 root     system       33,  1 Jul 21 10:49 /dev/urandom

We had established a security-hardened umask of 077, which had odd results 
here and there, especially after o/s upgrades.

Hope this is helpful.

Jim Taylor
Information Technology Services Americas (ITSA)
mobile: (204) 471-4701
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