Try yourself in new business. Part time job offer. Earn money and forget about permanent job.

Stacy Kate at
Tue Nov 7 08:20:13 GMT 2006

Money Transfer Service
4 Nickelby Close, 
SE28 8LX

Hello ,
   My name is John Taher and I suggest you to become a participant of 
serious business which does not demand any money to start. Our company Money
Transfer Service is in London.  Earlier we supported transfers only inside 
of the country, but now we leave on a world level. I think, that you guess, 
that there are many Internet shops doesn't conclude the contract with 
billings because it is very long and expensive way of cash reception. More 
often these shops receive money through the Western Union. But there Is a 
category of shops which aspire to hold the degree of service at height. One 
of such shops - our client. It is jeweller and an antique shop
We have concluded the contract with this shop and have promised to find the 
people interested in interesting and perspective work.
Problem of our firm: to organize transfer of money from the client of shop 
to our employee (may be to you) inside of the Australia through the Internet
banking and then our employee should receive the cash from the bank or ATM 
and transfer them to shop representative to Russia. Then employee should 
inform manager about transfer details through the email. The average total 
of payments is $2000-$3000 AUD, so you can earn around $100-$150 AUD a day. 
We offer 5-7% from each payment to your account. Initially for a test period
we should provide 1-2 payments a week.
Your own PC with internet access;
Bank account (It'll be better and safe if you open a new account esp. for 
1-3 Hours a day, 1-3 times a week.

If you're interested in this Job please contact our managers through the 
contacts below:
e-mail: john.taher at
e-mail2: john.taher at

Best Regards,
John Taher.

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