Xattr on FreeBSD ... Good Luck ?

Victor Shoup shoup at cs.nyu.edu
Thu Nov 2 11:49:59 GMT 2006

There is a third way:

Simply keep all the files you want backed up in a UFS formatted  
on the mac.  This way, all the metadata for file foo is in the  
file ._foo,
and rsync backs these up perfectly, and all the data and metadata can
also be accessed vi NFS.

Restoring is a bit of a pain, as rsyncing from
the solaris to the mac gives some surprising results --- the ._foo  
files tend to get erased
because of the way mac osx implements certain low-level file operations.
One can get around this by running rsync twice to restore the files
(or use apple's tar instead).

Anyway, this is my solution, and it works quite well for me.
However, an Apple engineer told me that UFS may not be maintained  
(but hopefully long enough until other solutions exist).

   -- Victor

However, these issues are only for RESTORE, not for BACKUP.

On Nov 2, 2006, at 6:22 AM, Wesley W. Terpstra wrote:

> There is no short path.
> Backing up a mac properly to a non-mac is practically impossible.

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