rsync shows poor throughput vs. scp

Marty Mulligan marty at
Thu May 25 06:24:04 GMT 2006

Thanks for your suggestions.  I'll try to put together an rsync call 
with a more explicit set of options, although I was under the 
impressions that by having the "dont compress" option set in the conf 
file on the server, the -z option in the call from the host was ignored 
(which begs the question, "why the -z in the call from the host?" :) )

> (I suspect that here is a case where you use rsync because it's easier 
> to figure out rsync
> that to use something (actually quite different) that is more 
> "appropriate".

hmm... ok, I am open to suggestions!  What do you recommend that would 
be more appropriate?  One thing I am currently investigating is "File 
Alteration Monitor" or fam, which was alluded to somewhere in this lists 
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