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Thu May 25 01:34:26 GMT 2006


As a webmaster or blogger, you would love to chat with your website or weblog visitors.

Having a professional live support system on your website gives more credibility to it. Your website visitors trust you and your website when they can talk to you live. Good live support is something that a professional website needs.

Bloggers spend lots of time on their weblogs to be in touch with internet surfers. They also love to have live chat with their weblog visitors. You can not find any free live chat service applicable for weblogs. Also as most bloggers don't make any money through their weblogs, they don't want to spend money to buy live support service for it.

We spent lots of time to create the best and most professional live chat system for webmasters and bloggers. It is free BUT none of the paid live support services can be compared with it.

SirLook Live Support is free to sign up and use. Unlimited websites and weblogs, operators and departments, chat icons and ... is only some of the features of SirLook Live Support.

As many websites, weblogs, eBay auction pages and ... as you have, you can chat with their visitors and receive their offline messages through one single account and from one single page without getting confused. Unbelievable?! Yes, SirLook Live Support is a miracle. Try and use it. It is absolutely free.

SirLook Live Support can connect you to the visitors of all your web pages and even the articles you post on article directories. It is fully customizable and its offline message form prevents spammers to find your email address and helps you to collect necessary information from your website visitors. They can also contact your website(s) operators directly. You will not lose any of the chat requests or offline messages.

You can also initiate chat with your website/weblog visitors. Even the best firewalls and blockers can not prevent SirLook Live Support.

Why SirLook Live Support is free?

Good question!
First of all it is free because we love to serve webmasters and bloggers who suffer from expensive products and services. We are a team of young programmers, internet marketers and project managers who love to show their abilities and improve their online presence. We will have many paid products and services on our website and also more free services and products. A good business and specially a good online business should offer free services and products along with paid ones. This is what we try to do.

There are loads of free services, softwares, scripts and ... over the web but professional webmasters don't like to use any of them because they look like toys and don't deserves working on a good website and/or are full of ads. We want to change this rule and offer free services suitable for good websites and better than paid similar services. We could achieve this by creating SirLook Live Support and will keep on our good work.

SirLook Live Support has tens of features and functions that can not be found in other similar systems OR, if found, you have to pay for each of them. For example, you can not have unlimited websites, departments, operators, chat icons, canned responses, IP banning and ... for free but you will have them in SirLook Live Support with the best technical quality and for free.

Please visit SirLook Live Support features list and sign up for it at

Please email us at info at if you have any question.

Best regards,
SirLook Team

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