cwrsync client log format ??

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Try double %s instead of single % :
%o becomes %%o
Rgrds Tev


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Subject: cwrsync client log format ??

We were trying to introduce a better client side log format so that we could
get timestamps and module names etc.  In the rsync documentation
it looks like you can use --log-format for the client ... there is even a
sentence saying that this format would not interfere with the rsybc daemons 
format.  We are using cwrsync and when we try and add 

--log-format="%o %h [%a] %m (%u) %f %l" The log messages return the string.
h [m f l

we have tried various combinations of quotes to no avail. 

1)  Is using the log format possible on the client side in cwrsync?

2) if so what is the proper escape pattern to use.  This is running insode a
.cmd script



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