DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3768] --no-specials in Rsync 2.6.8 breaks compatibility with 2.6.0-r6 Mirroring system

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Wed May 10 14:58:13 GMT 2006

------- Comment #1 from wayned at  2006-05-10 09:58 MST -------
The only time that rsync sends the --no-specials option is when the user has
requested only the transfer of devices and not special files.  This undoubtedly
means that the options passed to rsync used the --devices option, but not -D or
-a. The --devices option changed slightly in meaning in 2.6.7 to only match
block and character devices, while the -D option remained the same.

So, the easiest solution is to change the code running rsync to use the -D (or
the -a) option. Another solution is to define a popt alias on the initiating
system that makes --devices have its old meaning by putting this in either
/etc/popt or the user's ~/.popt file:

    rsync alias --devices -D

Aliasing the option globally is probably not that good of an idea, but for this
option it might not be that bad.  However, if it's possible to change how rsync
is run, that is the best solution.

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