DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3764] mkdir "test\#366" failed: Invalid argument (22) on Mac OS X 10.4 (Intel)

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Sun May 7 21:41:18 GMT 2006

------- Comment #2 from thl at  2006-05-07 16:41 MST -------
Thanks for the quick reply. I can live with option (3). But where is the
iconv.diff file? I couldn't find it in the CVS tree ...

A suggestion regarding this charset issue:
A protocol like rsync should do one of the following things:
  (a) Agree on a character set/encoding at connection setup (handshaking).
  (b) Define a character set/encoding to be used for ALL rsync transmissions,
e.g. Unicode/UTF-8.
This does not affect parameters on the command line (they should be treated
with the charset used on that machine). What needs to be adjusted is how the
file list is transmitted over the network. If implemented in this way, the
charset conversion is completely transparent to the user (the way it should
be). Correct me if I'm wrong ...


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