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Sun May 7 21:28:22 GMT 2006

On Sun, 2006-05-07 09:53:47 -0400, Srinivas Kotapally <ksrinivas at> wrote:
> The filesystem that I backup is one where files keep getting added or
> deleted no other files are modified at all. These files are usually word/

ext2? ext3? xfs? jfs? reiserfs? ...

> PDF documents.  These files are only added not changed.  The number of files
> added are about 20-200 each day.  I did not understand the question about

Each in the 10mb range?

> mount options... the disks are already mounted.  The issue over here is not

What are the -o xxxxxx  options added to the mount call? These are eg.
noted in /etc/fstab (if it's a regularly mounted filesystem on a
unix-like box).


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