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Job Description 
The task of the Processing Manager is to process payments between our partners' clients and  
our company, in particular, to manage cash and balance receipts, follow up on accounts, etc.  
The job is related to remote Internet operations. Every payment order will be accompanied by  
detailed instruction. It is also the duty to interact and report all the details  of every action  
you take to our manager. The brief training course is enclosed. 
* Some details of the work with our company are subject for changes. However that should have 
 give a reason for worries, as our employees are always notified in advance, and  
 participate in work only if they agree to the changes. 
5% - 15% from each transaction depending on the amount of the deal. The exact commission  
will be discussed right before the deal. 
The amounts of our deals vary from $1,000 to $25,000. The number or the deals that you'll 
take part in is not limited and only depends on your personal skills, responsibility and  
communication abilities. If our managers see that in your work, you will be responsible  
for more and more valuable deals with bigger amounts. In other words, your salary depends  
on you totally, no limits. 
Candidate requirements 
    * Must be 21 or older. 
    * Willingness to work from home, take responsibility, set up and achieve goals 
    * Ability to create good administrative reporting 
    * Prior customer service experience is a good benefit, but not a must 
    * Honesty, responsibility and promptness in operations 
    * Effective interaction with customers 
    * Familiar to working online, Internet and e-mail skills 
    * The ability of stable communication with our company and on-time and detailed reporting 
    * One or several personal bank accounts needed.  
General: This job will allow you to: 
    * Work efficiently from home; 
    * Increase available personal time 
    * Achieve financial independence in half the normal time (1-3 hours per day) 
    * Interact and associate with other members in order to benefit from their knowledge and experiences 
    * Develop high self-respect and esteem. 
    * Develop communication and business skills essential for work in other spheres. 
    * Receive additional awards and bonuses for good-quality and accurate work.  
Tell us about your self, your personal skills, hobbies, interests and we will respond you within 24 hours.
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