To: The deducted Few, the disaffected Many, and our spiritual Leaders. Lunacy! The moon? Lunar? What do you mean by that?

Alex Janssen alex at
Sat May 6 03:19:13 GMT 2006

Dear Strait Gate Ministry:

Warning!  The following is just my opinion.  Don't take it seriously!  It's not worth the effort.

Your post to rsync at included the statement: "those who call themselves by Jesus Christ's name seems to be consistently in support of wars against other races".
Christians are not behind racist wars, you idiots.  Well, most of them aren't.  Islam is not a race. It is a religion.  Anybody can join a religion.  Including idiots.  Maybe even fundamentalists!  Boy, are they off-center!

You also state: "currently a war for the most part directed at Islamic populations".
The war in the middle east is not against Islam.  Although, peoples of the Islamic religion seem to start things.  The war is only against the idiots who hate Americans and blow up others of their own religion and other religions to prove they do.  That is terrorism or lunacy.  Maybe we should burn all lunatics at the stake.  Oh, that was witches.  Who should judge them?  Why were they burned anyway?  Oh! More idiots!

For all we know, you may be one of those idiots who think it is ok to kill people to prove your point.

Check the history of Israel yourself.  Created after WW2 by Great Britain at the request of many Jews (I've nothing against Jews).  Throwing out the Palastinians(Syrians roaming the desert) from the area now called Israel.  They kicked ass!  Egypt and Jordan helped themselves to land set aside for the Palastinians(Syrians) after they realized the Palastinians(Syrians) could not defend themselves.  I guess its all the fault of the Christians!  Actually,  looks like the Jews started it(I've nothing against Jews).  I guess they just wanted a place to call their own.

Keep on making an ass of yourself.  I think Jesus was more pragmatic than that.  Read your bible.  I bet you have! I doubt if anyone cares to hear your interpretation of it.  Send these things to the Christian-Islamic-Jewish list where people think deeply about these things.

Now, let's get back to the shallow software matters of this email forum.  Anybody seen rsync anywhere?


Charlottesville, Virginia

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