DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3749] rsync --help misleading information

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Wed May 3 22:16:00 GMT 2006

------- Comment #1 from hashproduct at  2006-05-03 17:16 MST -------
I don't think the terms sender and receiver are problematic; they're equivalent
to source and destination, respectively.  However, some of the help is unclear
and/or ambiguous.  If --delete makes rsync "delete files that don't exist on
the sending side", does rsync delete files from the sender or does it delete
files that the sender does not have?  Let me propose this:

--delete: deletes receiver files that are unmatched on sender

And some improvements to --existing and --ignore-existing:

--existing: skip creating new files on receiver
--ignore-existing: skip updating files that already exist on receiver

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