Can rsync handle any type of file?

Alex Pedenko alex at
Fri Mar 31 21:45:06 GMT 2006

The way the algorithm works, the answer to 1 is yes. i haven't used it enough to answer 2.


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In technical terms, is rsync capable of dealing with backing up any type of
file then? In practical terms, has anyone had any corruption problems when
backing up files?


Alex Pedenko (alex at wrote:
> we use rsync to move encrypted files with no problems. i would say that's as "complex"
> as it gets, so you should be fine.
> -alex
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> Subject: Can rsync handle any type of file?
> Hiya
> I have been doing some substantial research about rsync and the rsync
> algorithm.
> I was wondering: can rsync backup any type of file? I have tested it with
> "common" files Word, Excel, SQL dumps, log files etc
> But what about more complex types of files, like vector images etc.
> Thank you for your thoughts in advance.
> Hamish
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