Rsync ignoring secrets file

Dennis Duggen lists at
Fri Mar 31 12:42:19 GMT 2006

Hi list

I have a strange problem. I've tried for the first time to install and 
use rsyncd. Rsync itself works it does everything that it should do, 
except ask for a password. Google and the manual wasn't helpful i just 
found howto's and no solution.

Here is what i did:

pid file = /var/run/
use chroot = yes
read only = yes

Simple example for enabling your own local rsync server
         path = /usr/portage
         comment = Gentoo Linux Portage tree
         exclude = /distfiles /packages
         uid = root
         gid = root
         auth user = dennis,test
         secrets file = /etc/rsyncd.scrt


commandline to sync
rsync -r -v --progress --stats -o -g -p -t 
rsync://professor/gentoo-portage .

Why is rsync never prompting for a password?

For any help thanks in advance.


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