AIX 5.1 rsync large file

Shachar Shemesh rsync at
Sat Mar 25 08:27:21 GMT 2006

Jackie.E.Andrason at wrote:

>Thank you for your response.
>I compiled rsync 2.6.7 and installed in and that did the trick.  I don't
>know if it had the dynamic_hash patch or not.
If you did not manually apply it, it did not.

>  But I think that I was too
>impatient previously and the 2.6.4 would have worked had I not killed it.
A benchmark would be greatly appreciated. Can you please try compiling
another version of rsync 2.6.7 after you ran the following command from
the source root:
patch -p1 < patches/dynamic_hash.diff

And then tell us how the two versions compared?


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