transfer files only once

Matt McCutchen hashproduct at
Wed Mar 22 00:16:59 GMT 2006

On Wed, 2006-03-22 at 00:12 +0100, Hermann Gausterer wrote:
> i have a question. is there an easy way to remember transfered
> files to a specific destination host.
> or is it possible to move all transfered files directly in an
> rsync exclude file; would have the same effect

That would be pretty easy.  Set rsync's verbosity/itemizing at an
appropriate level and then write a little script that parses its output
into a list of names of transferred files using grep and sed.  Append to
an exclude file.

What you're doing vaguely resembles half of two-way synchronization:
copy in one direction but keep local changes.  If new cases such as not
overwriting files modified on host B arise, consider using Unison or
even a version control system.
Matt McCutchen
hashproduct at

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