Rsync 2.6.7 with acl patch on Cygwin

Tevfik Karagülle tevfik at
Mon Mar 20 20:35:39 GMT 2006

Thanks to recent achievements, rsync with the acl patch has been a viable
alternative for cygwin environments as well. 

--- Excerpt from the man page source:

(--acl | -A) option causes rsync to update the destination ACLs to be the
same as the source ACLs.  This nonstandard option only works if the remote
rsync also supports it.  Note also that an optimization of the ACL-sending
protocol used by this version makes it incompatible with sending files to an
older ACL-enabled rsync unless you double the --acls.  This doubling is not
needed when pulling files from an older rsync.

I have made an rsync-2.6.7/cygwin -1.5.19-4 executable containing the
version 1.113 of the patch. It is called rsyncacl.exe and can be used for
enhancing both full blown cygwin and cwrsync installations. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce the updated man page (I don't have
yodl2man in my environment, help?)

Rsyncacl.exe can be downloaded from

MD5:    8720c251575ebfd97962b61c35c5cfe6 *
SHA1:  ddd53108e592fcbe2c516eaccdffefa6c4cde995 *

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cwRsync maintainer

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