Using rsync to syncronize two unmounted disk partitions

Antonio Arauzo Azofra arauzo at
Thu Mar 16 08:34:43 GMT 2006

Hi everybody,

I have been using rsync for quite some time, and I've realized it is a
fantastic tool. As it is able to syncronize two CD images, I was
wondering, if I could do that with a harddisk partition. Would it be
possible to syncronize two partitions at device level somehow?

I mean using:
    # rsync /dev/hda8 /dev/hda9
    skipping non-regular file "hda8"

where /dev/hda8 and /dev/hda9 are two unmounted and identical size
partitions on harddisk:
   hda8         Logical   Linux ext3       [/]          501.75
   hda9         Logical   Linux                         501.75

PD. Sorry, I have just seen that Dan Pritts asked a similar question in 
the thread "rsync a raw device". This question stills unanswered anyway.
All the best,
   Antonio Arauzo Azofra

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