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Tue Mar 14 11:46:36 GMT 2006

------- Comment #10 from egmont at  2006-03-14 05:46 MST -------
Dear Wayne,

To comment #8:

If you'd say "it's too hard to fix it", "we have no resources to implement
this" or something similar, then I'd most likely accept it. But your arguments
of fuzzy being expensive is plainly bullshit, for two reasons:

First, I don't know if you have used this feature or not, I have used it, and
it saved me many hours by being able to synchronice 2 GB of data behind an
1Mbit/sec ADSL line in half hour rather than in 4.5 hours. And if I save 4
hours in my life then I really don't care whether rsync needs 1 second or
1 minute of CPU time. Actually I never had a noticeable load caused by rsync.
I hope you agree that 4 hours of wall clock time is much more expensive than
several seconds (or maybe a few minutes) of CPU time.

Second, the number of fuzzy computations doesn't depend on whether you compare
to the file listing of the same directory, or to the file listing of another
directory. So if we'd accept your argument that fuzzy needs too much CPU
resources, then the whole fuzzy option should completely be dropped from rsync,
even if someone wants to use it without the --copy-dest option. I hope this is
not the way to go.

So we're talking about two features which should be completely orthogonal to
each other, but still they don't work together, for apparently no sane reason.
This is just as stupid as if, let's say, you would be unable to preserve
permissions (-p) when --delete is in effect.

To comment #9:

I'll try it but I'm not sure it will be as simple as you imagine it. Apt
performs other operations on its cache, for example moving a file from
"newdir" to "olddir", and I don't know if it will fail if a hardlink is
already present there.

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