long file name (91) error

Doug Lochart dlochart at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 20:29:51 GMT 2006

I have looked through the archives for this error and found some instance of
it but no solutions.  I have an idea for a workaround but I would like to
get some clarification.

1)  Unix has as a limit 256 for the length of a file name.  Does this limit
also apply to a fully qualified path?
2)  The path we are sending over is 261 in length, I assumed that since none
of the dir names or file names were over 256 we would be okay

We are using CwRsync on the client side and rsync on linux.

My workaround is to locate which files would cause a problem and them
specify the associated base path to a deeper level in order to alleviate the
size problems.  This is not an optimal solution but a temporary one.



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