copying loopback folders?

Drew Weaver drew.weaver at
Mon Mar 13 16:59:59 GMT 2006

            This is going to sound somewhat ridiculous, it sounds
ridiculous to me even saying it; however I'm running into a somewhat
unique issue and I need help resolving it.


I am trying to use systemimager which uses rsync exclusively as a means
of making 'images' of entire systems. The problem I am running into is
with a particular software package which configures your operating
system to run its /tmp directory as a loopback instead of the normal
accepted means of a regular directory. So what ends up happening is that
rsync gets to this file called TMPDIR which is the "image" of the tmp
directory and hangs forever.


Does anyone know any way around this; unfortunately if I simply disable
this programs behavior of setting the tmp directory as a loopback
certain features of the program no longer function and the entire point
of imaging it becomes lost.


Thanks for any advice anyone can give me.



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