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------- Comment #7 from egmont at  2006-03-13 10:32 MST -------
The fuzzy option is much less expensive than downloading a file from scratch
instead of using a similar local file to compare to.

My goal is, by the way, not more than maintaining rsync support for apt (the
front-end for dpkg), using up-to-date tools and possibly mainstream solutions
(that is, as few patches as possible). Please read the original report here:

The whole design of "apt" forces me into an environment where I have to
download the new package into a different directory than where old packages
reside, but I still want to take use of the fuzzy option so that people don't
have to download 120 MB once a typo is fixed in the openoffice package.

With rsync 2.6.6, despite the bug I reported, I still had an extremely easy
workaround, I just had to put a chdir() call between the fork and exec in apt.
Due to the fact that this "bug" of rsync-2.6.6 is "fixed" now, it still
doesn't work out of the box, but at least now I don't even have such a simple
workaround. So after all the situation became worse.

Please read the linked mail and try to understand my needs and its reasons
(which are not artificial, they were brought up by the real world).
I hope you will understand why it would be so important for all the users of
our distribuion that these two options worked together perfectly. But even
if I failed to convince you, I'm reopening this bug since in this case rsync
should explicitely refuse the --compare-dest and similar options with an error
message if --fuzzy is also specified.

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