is rsync log file thread safe

Doug Lochart dlochart at
Mon Mar 13 03:56:25 GMT 2006

What I mean is if I have several clients performing backups at the same time
what is the level of atomicity?  I ask because of this ... take a look at
the following lines from the log file:
This is from one client operating.

2006/03/12 22:38:26 [11627] rsync to dlochart/backups/Sunday from cygnus-x1
2006/03/12 22:38:26 [11627] ./
2006/03/12 22:38:26 [11627] wrote 28 bytes  read 147 bytes  total size 0
2006/03/12 22:38:26 [11631] rsync to dlochart from cygnus-x1 (
2006/03/12 22:38:26 [11631] deleting rsync-test/jj.kk
2006/03/12 22:38:26 [11631] rsync-test/
2006/03/12 22:38:26 [11631] wrote 58 bytes  read 589 bytes  total size

I have transfer logging turned on to show the name of the remote machine, ip
address and module name when performing a transfer.  However this part of
the logfile is plain old rsync in daemon mode.  The deletions of files show
up here as its not a transfer.  If you look at the block as a whole you can
see what is going on.  However if you look at the line that says "deleting
rsync-test/jj.kk".  This line does not supply a context of its operation.
So if multiple clients are operating then these lines can become intertwined
and the contexts lost.  So what I mean in atomicity is if a client starts a
session can I trust the log lines to provide a context or will everything be

We are using rsync in daemon mode



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