Sent larger than literal

Wayne Davison wayned at
Mon Mar 13 00:49:17 GMT 2006

On Sun, Mar 12, 2006 at 08:06:35AM -0600, Max Kipness wrote:
> Literal data:     2813738 bytes
> File list size:   4910229
> Total bytes sent: 6457999
		    1265968 bytes saved by -z

Since the file list has its own "compression" strategy, it is not
affected by the -z option.  Thus the 2813738 bytes of literal file
data was compressed to 1547770 bytes, and that made the total bytes
sent value lower than the 7723967 bytes that would have been sent
without -z.

See the 2.6.7 manpage if you want a description of what all the
values mean in the --stats output.  (It's linked from the main web
page if you don't have 2.6.7 yet.)


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